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10-Day Artisanal Advent Calendar Giftset

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One of my favorite holiday traditions is a fabulous Advent Calendar. I love the anticipation, the little surprises, and being able to open one tiny gift every day. ALL of it. I love it all. It's magical. 
I created the Botanical Bliss gift set this year for that exact reason.  It has everyday excitement like stickers and a notebook, but also has a beautiful ORIGINAL painting and an ornament! It's chock full of beauty and wonderment and happiness and lovely things. I'm even creating a personalized gift for each person who buys. AND DID I MENTION THE GIFTWRAP? I'm wrapping all the gifts in exciting little ways. I want to make sure that every item gets to you cradled in a whole lot of time and energy and love. 
I've had so much fun hand-making and curating all the pieces of this artisanal gift set, and I can't wait to share them with you!
🌟What's Inside?🌟 
🖼️ Original Artwork by Kat: Every Botanical Bliss Set comes with an original piece of artwork from my “Jewel Box” capsule series. This body of work centers the imagery of tiny jewel box gardens of succulents and blooming cactus. The colors are reminiscent of vintage jewelry. Many of them are embroidered and feature at least one handmade floral bead. You'll get to unwrap a one-of-a-kind piece of art--a bespoke masterpiece--carefully crafted to brighten your day no matter how cold and stormy it is outside! 
🎨 Shimmering Handpainted Ornament: Adorn your home or tree with a stunning hand-painted botanical ornament (pictured above). Every ornament features botanical abstraction and warm holiday colors. To me, the colors feel nostalgic AND contemporary: vintage candy holiday seasons with beautiful modern shapes and lines. These ornaments don't have to go on a tree! They can be used ALL year long as original artwork. 
📘 Monoprinted Notebook: Notebooks are my favorite. I love that a notebook is a sacred space right at your fingertips. You can escape within just by opening its pages. Each notebook has been monoprinted with a linocut stamp I hand carved over the summer.  I also embellished each notebook's cover with beautiful linework. It'll be the perfect place to unleash your creativity and festive musings. 
🌈 Multiple Stickers from the Kat Furtado vault: I've been collecting stickers all year long with this idea in mind. You'll get a whole swath of great stickers--many of which have never been released for sale. All of the stickers feature my illustrated work or my fine art. 
😍 Pin, Keychain, or Magnet: You'll get a lovely accessory featuring my art. Every set will contain at least ONE pin, keychain, or magnet, and maybe more! 
🎁 Personalized Gift: After placing your order, know that a personalized surprise is coming -- tailor-made just for you. Your holiday should be as unique as you are, and I'm bent on helping to make it one of the most special holiday seasons yet. 
🎀 Beautiful Packaging with Artisanal Packaging: Each item is meticulously wrapped and labeled by day, creating a daily ritual of excitement and anticipation. Your set will come in a reusable and resealable stand-up pouch featuring my botanical illustrations. They'll be perfect for odds and ends that could use a new home. 
Two tiers: There are two tiers of the Botanical Bliss Advent calendar. The only difference is pricing and which type of artwork you receive. For The Jewel Box Set, you'll get to choose which of the ten hand-embroidered and embellished artworks you would like. The Jewel Box Set costs $75 plus $6.50 shipping and handling. 
The Watercolor Wonderment set costs $65 plus $6.50 shipping and handling. With this set, you'll get an original piece of art, but you won't get to choose which of the collection you'll receive. Every piece was created with as much love as possible, so you're bound to get something beautiful. 
ALL calendars ship by December 5th, 2023. International shipping rates will be billed separately.