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LIMITED EDITION: These holographic bags are THE wow factor for Spring and Summer. These are limited edition (a singular run of ten with no intentions of running them again!) featuring one of my favorite floral collages of all time. The holographic material is see-through and color shifts in the light. Each bag measures almost thirteen and a half inches wide and almost 12 inches tall (excluding the shoulder straps). They're made of a PVC material and are perfect for a quick run to the store or a jaunt to the beach. Because they are limited edition (only ten ever made!) it is highly recommended that they are handled with the utmost care. Bags can be wiped clean, and if there are wrinkles from shipping, they can be removed via low heat (from a hairdryer or the sun--do not put these in the dryer or submerge them in water). These bags come as is and cannot be replaced or exchanged due to their limited run. Refunds can always be requested if there is damage to your tote, but as all have been inspected before delivery, refunds may not be granted. Once sold out, they'll be gone for good! 

Please note, both images below are of the SAME bag. The light shifts their colors drastically, so they are extremely versatile. 

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