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Grand"mother" Clock

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12x32x1 inches / 2022 / acrylic and watercolor + exchanged fabric and fibers, hand-stitched / This artwork was a part of the virtual collaborative exhibition, “Attachment; Abbreviated.” from May of 2022 and includes materials from India. Artist materials were exchanged between co-founding artists Aparajita Jain Mahajan from Pune, India, and Kat Furtado, in San Diego, California, U.S.A. Both artists’ daughter(s) also exchanged materials and contributed pieces to the exhibition. This virtual collaborative exhibition was part of the larger “Taking.Up.Space.” (TUS) Initiative through the Thrive Together Network, (formerly the Artist Mother Podcast Community and the Thrive Artist Collective). TUS amplifies the work of female artists, addressing the massive gender disparity in representation of women in galleries, museums, and fine art institutions. Alternate title: the clock

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