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Whimsical Flora, September 2022 Sticker

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LIMITED EDITION: These are the best best best stickers for laptops, folders, and binders. It's just a little reminder that those beautiful little things in life? They're the most meaningful. 

This die cut sticker features an illustration I love. It's one I've kept in my back pocket for just such an occasion as this: a random weekday. Ha! But let's be honest, it's got just the right amount of whimsy and sunshine. I have one on my laptop and it brings me joy every day. 

The stats: These are 2.29 x 3 inch die cut stickers. Because they're vinyl, they're soft and have a matte finish. These stickers are not fully waterproof, but they do have some great protection from sun, scratches, and water. They're perfect for water bottles (as long as they are not submerged in water or washed in the dishwasher). 

These stickers are LIMITED EDITION. Once they are out, they will likely be gone for good. If more are added, they will also be added in limited edition quantities. 

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