How To Buy The Perfect Art

If you follow me on Instagram, you'll know that one of the things I talk about a lot is how to find and purchase the perfect original art. In fact, I talk about it so much that I have devised an easy, three-step system to help you know if the art you love IS the perfect art for you. I mean, I get it. It's a huge expense. You want it to be just right. 

So here it is. You ready?



1) Buy art you love. 

This sounds so simple. Don't buy it if you don't love it, right? Except it isn't nearly as simple as it sounds. What happens if your tastes change? What happens if your decor changes? 

Here's my one step rec for buying art you love: Don't worry about the decor. Worry about how the art makes you feel. You should feel a sense of connection with that piece of art.  That connection and wonderment and comfort should feel so strong that it fills you every time you see it.

Do not buy art because it fits your current color scheme.
Do not buy art because you just want to fill the gallery wall.

Buy the art that makes you feel fulfilled, seen, heard...validated. Whole. 

2) Buy art you love from an artist you love. 

This piece is far more simple than step one. Get to know the artist. Maybe you love an artist's work but you found out that your ethics aren't aligned with theirs. You can afford to be picky about this! There are so many BRILLIANT artists in the world!

Listen--they're just not your people if they're not your people. And their art is not your art if they are not your people. Know why? Because once you you know those things about them, you'll know it forever. And you will feel it every time you see their art. Of course no one is perfect, but we all have lines in the sand about what is allowable in our lives. You make your own rules! 

But really--on the other hand, imagine how good it is to meet a new friend for coffee and find out how much you have in common? Or how amazing it feels to know that you and your bestie can talk about anything in the world without judgment? Those people? They are your people. Those people!? Those artists? They ARE your people. 

3) Buy art you love from an artist you love whose story you also love. 

This is the easiest point of them all. Know the art that you're buying. Listen to the story and energy behind the art and the artist. Sometimes you'll know from the title of the painting and sometimes you'll have to think on it before you realize how much you love it, but when you know the artist's reason for creating what they make, it makes the purchase all the more beautiful.