Frequently Asked Questions

I want to collect your art! Where do I begin!? 

First off, I'm so thankful you're here. This is a great place to start because over the years, I've gotten a pretty good handle on what most buyers need to know about buying art. Whether this is your very first purchase of original art or your 50th, there's always something exciting to learn. Read on! 

What is original artwork? 

Originals are pieces of art that have been handcrafted, handpainted, and handmade. There is ONLY ONE original of any piece of artwork ever. This is why originals are more valuable than prints and why they are so highly sought after. They're often deeply treasured by Collectors, and they are always heirloom quality.

I do everything I can to ensure that each piece will be safe and protected from the elements. I am also always willing to answer specific questions about framing and care to anyone who purchases. My goal, like yours, is to protect your artwork for hundreds of years to come. 

When can I buy originals?

I generally release collections of original art once to three times a year. Originals frequently sell out because they are valuable and highly sought after for Collectors. There is only one of each original painting in the entire world.

Okay, I HAVE fallen in love with a piece. How do I make sure I get it? 

1) Be on my newsletter for the newest updates.
2) Follow me on social media for up-to-date information.
3) Buy a Hummingbird Spot when they're released!


Tell me about Hummingbird Spots.

I have a firm belief that when you connect with a piece of art, there's a reason. I'll do everything I can to match you with your perfect artwork, and that's why "hummingbird spots" are such a game changer. They separate serious buyers from those who aren't sure YET and they give you earliest access (up to a week before) to every release. Please (PLEASE) make sure to purchase a Hummingbird Spot if there's a piece you want. The cost goes towards the price of the artwork, and many Hummingbird Collectors are repeat buyers. In general, this has led to some very happy Collectors and the concierge service is so helpful. Your Hummingbird Spot will give you the absolute best chance at procuring the art your heart desires. 

Hummingbird Collectors get access to the entire collection all on their own. It's like having a whole boutique all to yourself. You can spend your time, up to 5 hours, looking at each piece and deliberating over what you're wanting to purchase. You can purchase as many pieces as you'd like during this time, or none. 

To become a Hummingbird Collector, you'll want to a) be on my e-mail list, and b) make sure you are checking your emails from me. I'll release all the spots at once. Each spot costs $25 and will get you 1:1 concierge service. You can ask me questions about the pieces, framing, or materials. You can ask for help choosing a piece that will work well within your space, and sometimes we can even superimpose the art into your photos so you can see what it will look like. The money you have paid for your spot goes towards the cost of your art purchase. If the piece you wanted is no longer available and none of the others strike your fancy, your $25 will be available as a gift card to the shop any time within a year of purchase. 

"Hummingbird Spots" open to newsletter subscribers first and go for sale up to a month before the collection releases.

Why is there so much time between releases? 

Great question. Aaaaaand I wish there were less time between releases too!

I work in series. For me, a series will be a type of art I'm working on for extended periods of time (for example, work on the same theme). Within each series, I'll release collections. Those collections are put into the world when I have about 20 pieces. 

Every ORIGINAL piece of art is handcrafted, and that means it takes time. It is rare for any piece of my art, no matter how small, to take less than five hours of direct work. One piece I have been working on lately has taken 60 hours of just hand stitching. There is no way to rush the process (believe me, I've tried) so I just trust that it will all work out in the end! 

There's a painting I want but I can't afford it right now. Is there anything I can do to purchase it? 

Yes. I'm a firm believer that people know when art should be theirs. There's something almost magical about finding a piece of art you can't live without. I want to make sure that paintings go home with their people. As a result, I always offer payment plans to my customers and Collectors. If this is something you're interested in, please contact me as soon as possible and we'll work together to see what we can do. 

What about payment? 

Payment is always made through my website. If there's a special order or a commission the listings will be created directly for you. Please contact if you need any assistance. 

How come it takes so long to ship art? 

First, thank you for your patience. It means a lot to me. Art usually takes 6-8 weeks for shipping. This because I am a one-person business.

In order to safely ship fine art, I have to be meticulous. Originals are particularly precious because there's only one of them in the entire world. I can't allow for anything to go wrong. For this reason alone, it takes an hour for me to wrap up each piece safely and carefully. 

I am also only working part time. My hours are often 10-2 pm one to three days a week during work weeks. I am often pulled from work frequently for a variety of reasons, including sick kids, my kids' school needing support, or volunteering. It's a difficult season for me to get everything done, but I am doing my absolute best. Again, I'm so grateful for your patience. 

If for some reason, you require art to be shipped immediately, please contact me for additional options. 

What is a certificate of authenticity? 

A certificate of authenticity is an important part of provenance when buying original art. It often indicates the name of the painting, the materials used to create the artwork, and the series and/or collection to which the painting belongs. It includes important data like the year it was made, and any additional information that may be important to Collectors down the line. It is often signed and dated, and should always be kept with the corresponding artwork (often, Collectors store certificates on the back of the piece itself) or in a safe. This is to ensure it can be linked to the artist and so the buying history of the artwork can be established. 

What is a limited release print?

On my website, you'll see that I offer a small number of limited edition prints. These are paintings that do not have an "original". Instead, they have an artist proof. 

Limited edition prints come in a print "series". They're printed on demand and are numbered. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity from the fine art printer which indicates how many of the prints are left to be printed and which number yours is within the limited release. Limited released prints tend to be more valuable than prints in unlimited releases because once the highest number is reached, there will not be any others like yours printed.

What is an artist proof? 

Artist proofs are a "first print" of any print that I will be selling. These proofs are printed for quality control and are carefully analyzed for any mistakes. I have very high standards for everything I sell and I want every print to be perfect.

Artist proofs are labeled as such. They can be very valuable but are almost never for sale. This is why I sometimes offer them in giveaways. Most of the time, I keep them or gift them to family members.  

What happens if there's an issue with my print or order? 

Please contact me immediately at with as much information as possible. 

How do I find more about your business and art? 

You can find me on all major social media platforms @katfurtadoart (Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, Pinterest, etc.) 

How do I submit a request for a commission? Please fill out the commission form or send an email to with your specifications and inquiries.

Will my original ever become a print? 

It is standard practice that the copyright, reproduction, and print rights of any original piece of art are maintained by the artist who created them. There is always a chance your piece of art would be used in the future as a print or merchandise. That said, this can only increase the value of your artwork as yours is the ORIGINAL. All originals come with a certificate of authenticity to verify its provenance. 

How do you price your work? 

My art is priced via a formula I developed that accounts for time spent painting, materials used, and how many paintings have been sold. Generally, artwork sized larger than 8x8 inches is priced per square inch. However, if specialty paper or materials are used in the piece you purchase, additional fees often apply to account for materials. The price per square inch is higher for artwork under 8x8 inches (accounting for time spent to create the artwork itself and materials), and digital work is often charged hourly (current rate = $65/hour). Taxes and shipping often apply.

How do I care for my artwork? 

Please contact me directly for inquiries about cleaning your artwork and keeping it protected from the elements/safe from dust and irritants. Each artwork is different and may have different care instructions based on the materials and products used to finish/seal/varnish the work. 

Why does my artwork have two titles? 

Sometimes a piece of artwork I create will have two titles. This often means the painting was a part of a larger body of work and may have been shown or published in galleries, exhibitions, and in publications.