Summer's Light Collection

The Summer's Light Collection is the third collection from San Diego fine artist, Kat Furtado premiering July 23, 2021.

The paintings in this collection are an ethereal combination of movement, light, and a snapshot of life lived with vibrancy. Through paint and mixed media collage, Kat captures moments of summer:

--summer sunlight peeking through trees
--ocean waves lapping on sunlit shores
--the smell of honeysuckle
--the colors of trees moving in the wind
--a song coming on the radio and sweeping you away
--the sweetness of cherries and plums and juicy peaches
--summer get togethers and time spent with loved ones
--bees and birds and botanicals

It's the feel of the grass as you lie under a shady tree and the magic of cool breezes moving across your skin. It's summer. And the Summer's Light Collection will bring that light straight to your home. 

(Images by Mariana Leon Photography and Kat Furtado)