About the Artist


Kat Furtado is a contemporary, mixed-media artist from San Diego, California. She specializes in abstraction and creating ethereal, expressive art. Kat is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with a Master's of Art in Communication Science and Disorders. Her background as an SLP informs and inspires her path as an artist. Storytelling, emotions, and recurrent themes of humanity are woven with care into her work. To Furtado, creating art is an act of non-verbal communication and is validation of the human experience. Being that communication is the only true link between sentient beings, Furtado considers the creation of art to be an essential communicative endeavor.

Furtado became a mother in 2015. The nuances and transformation within motherhood sparked the need for a creative outlet. This was the catalyst for her third career (SLP, motherhood, artist), wherein she realized that parenting two small children required her to do the bravest thing she could imagine: something new. She became a full-time artist in December of 2020. Furtado has sold out two twenty-plus piece collections of small works upon release. She has collectors worldwide. Her artwork was featured in the Roaring Artist Gallery’s “Powerful Little Things II” exhibition, and she was recently interviewed by “Shoutout SoCal” to discuss her career as an artist. In October of 2021, she successfully self-released her first full product line featuring her illustrative work.

When she isn’t painting, she can be found cuddling with any combination of her two kids, her rescued cat, and/or her rescued dog. True to motherhood, there is always someone on her lap, and also true to motherhood, she doesn't really mind.


On Motherhood + Art

There is nothing that has inspired Kat's work as an artist more than becoming a parent. She began painting after having her first child and didn't start painting with any sense of regularity or purpose until 2017 when her second child was born. 
She often says that if you are a person who tells others they can reach the moon, they should see you reaching for the stars every day. Through this method and through her firm belief in growth mindset, she works to show her kids that if they dream it, they can bring it to life. Becoming an artist and having her own business was her way of showing her small children that even leaving a long term career can be an open door to the next beautiful thing, as art was for her.

More Information + Artist CV

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Photos by Kate B. Myers Photography and Kourtney Rodriguez.