About the Artist


Kat Furtado is a contemporary mixed-media artist from San Diego, California. Furtado is a certified and licensed Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) with a Master's of Art in Communication Science and Disorders. Her background as an SLP informs her work as an artist. Storytelling, emotions, and recurrent themes of humanity are woven with care into her ethereal, abstract artwork. To Furtado, art is an extension of non-verbal communication. It’s an essential communicative endeavor and validation of the human experience. 


Furtado became a mother in 2015. Necessary transformation within motherhood became the catalyst for her third career (SLP, motherhood, artist), wherein she realized that parenting two small children required her to do the bravest thing she could imagine: something new. She became a full-time artist in December of 2020. 


Furtado has sold out multiple self-released collections of original small works and print releases. She has collectors worldwide. She has successfully self-released product lines featuring her illustrative work, sold through her website. Her artwork has been featured in multiple virtual juried exhibitions and in publications, and her first solo show was hosted through the Women United Art Movement in October 2022. As part of the “Taking.Up.Space” Initiative through the Thrive Together Network, Furtado coordinated, co-created, and participated in "Attachment; Abbreviated.” – a virtual exhibition featuring shared, swapped, and changed materials between artists on opposite ends of the world and their respective children. Furtado has also completed two artist residencies through the former Artist Mother Podcast Community and current Thrive Together Network.


When she isn’t creating art, she can be found cuddling with any combination of her two kids and two rescued pets. True to parenthood, there's almost always someone on her lap. True to art, there's always paint on her too. 


  • Pictured above: Furtado in her studio
  • Furtado in San Diego with her artwork (Photo Credit: Kate B. Myers Photography)
  • Furtado with her favorite artists, without whom she might never have begun to paint. With their encouragement, Furtado learns to do hard things. Even when it's hard. (Photo credit: Kourtney Rodriguez)