About Me

Hi there, Beautiful People! I'm Kat. I'm a contemporary artist from San Diego, California. I specialize in abstraction and creating ethereal, expressive art for eclectic spaces.
Art is visual story-telling, and I don't take it for granted that non-verbal communication can be just as effective as any written or spoken word. Painting is an opportunity to share the way I see the world with others.
Before I was an artist, I was a Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP). SLPs are health professionals who use their unique skillset to help people communicate needs, wants, and ideas effectively and efficiently. It isn't a surprise then, that I deeply value communication and human connection.
My career as an SLP continually inspires me to make art that feels alive--far more than just paint on a page. When I paint, I work to capture raw emotion and layers upon layers of warmth and story-telling. When creating a collection, I focus on universal experiences, emotions, and even the most mundane moments in life (which can be easily overlooked but shouldn't be).
My artwork reflects my passion for small, unexpected moments and my personal, lifelong search for serendipity and wonderment. My hope is that, in seeing my art, you feel seen, heard, and validated--and maybe that someone, somewhere, sees the world in a way you do too.

On Motherhood + Art

There is nothing that has inspired my work as an artist more than becoming a parent. I didn't start painting until I had my first child, and I didn't start painting with any sense of regularity or purpose until 2017 when my second child was born.
I often say that if you are a person who tells others they can reach the moon, they should see you reaching for the stars every day. Through this method and through my firm belief in growth mindset, I'm able to show my kids that if they dream it, they can bring it to life. Becoming an artist and having my own business was my way of showing my small children that even leaving a long term career can be just an open door to the next beautiful thing, as art was for me. 

More Information

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Photos by Kate B. Myers Photography and Kourtney Rodriguez.