Fine Art Prints

Dear Friend,

I know that choosing art for your personal space is a sacred activity. Your art should make you FEEL more alive, more connected, and validated. It has to feel like home, but it also needs welcome all who enter the room. Art for YOU should be as sophisticated and warm as you are. It should be a representation of the beauty you carry throughout the world and bestow upon those you love. 

When you need that PERFECT piece of art to brighten your space, hopefully you run to your favorite fine artist and check out their originals and prints. In fact, I hope that's why you're HERE today!

Every print you buy here at Kat Furtado Art is the absolute highest quality giclée print I could find. These pieces are printed on archival watercolor paper by a fine art printer who specializes in museum-grade printing. While the prints will ship directly to you from the printer, they'll be accompanied or followed soon after by a certificate of authenticity indicating the number of each print you have purchased. Once the series runs out, they won't be printed again. 

I'm putting all kinds of good energy into these designs so they bring you a sense of peace and comfort. I chose some of my favorite paintings from my earliest botanicals in the hope that they carry a sense of hope and happiness to you and yours. 

Wishing you wonderment, 

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