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The "Small Moments" Collection

Premiere: March, 2021

The "Small Moments" collection captures the universal moments in life that provide us all with a sense of connection and comfort. 
Themes within the artwork include thunderstorms, laughter, beachy waves and the ocean, sunsets, moody skies, and colorful rainbows. Happiness. It was created with the hopefulness of time spent with loved ones and time cherished. These are moments and emotions which were particularly poignant throughout the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.


"The Comfort Collection"

Premiere: August, 2020

The Comfort Collection was born from the idea of creating art that one can see themself reflected in. It was a labor of love: a group of ethereal abstract pieces and florals that capture the wonderment and resilience of the human experience. They reveal elements and shapes in nature, colors of the external world, and the brilliance of light in darkness.

Collage floral with moody black background, painted, with red and white flowers loosely collaged across the wood board painting