Hummingbird Spots: "Bright Curiosities"

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HUMMINGBIRD COLLECTORS are the most discerning Collectors of my art. Why? I release my art in collections and pieces can sell out quickly. Because I sell originals, every piece is unique: there's only one piece like it ever. Once it's gone, it's gone. Hummingbirds know this, and they buy Hummingbird Spots to make sure they get the pieces they want. 

Getting a “Hummingbird Spot” ensures you have access to the collection in the order of the spot you purchase. Imagine walking into a stunning boutique and being able to shop at your own leisure without the risk of anyone snapping up treasure before you find it. THAT is why Hummingbird Spots exist. 

HUMMINGBIRD SPOTS may be right for you if you want:  
  • a specific piece that you know is perfect for you
  • the best chance of getting artwork before it sells out
  • concierge service (direct communication with me throughout your purchasing process) 
  • access to the collection without anyone else around (except those ahead of you in line, who maintain their access once it is granted) 
  • less pressure to rush and choose your piece 


  • Spots are extremely limited.
  • The position you buy in line (example, "first", "second", "third") is the order with which you will gain access to the collection.
  • The price of your position is $25, but the cost goes towards your purchase and acts like a "gift card" or discount code. Your unique discount code can be used any time within one year of purchase. The purchase itself is non-refundable and is NOT a physical product. 
  • I must have a way to contact you when your time comes up. Please message me via Instagram (@katfurtadoart) or e-mail ( so that I can communicate with you directly when your spot is available. If I do not respond within 24 hours, please try another way to contact me. 
  • You will have up to 24 hours alone with the collection; However, once you have made a purchase, the next HUMMINGBIRD COLLECTOR will gain access to the collection. 
  • If I cannot get a hold of you during the 24 hour period when your spot is available, or if the contact information I have for you is invalid, your spot will be forfeited to the next person in line. Your unique coupon code will still be available for use within a year of purchase. 
  • Your spot only applies to this collection of original art.
  • The earliest Hummingbird will access the collection on or before May 17th.